Old Town and Charles' Bridge

Meeting point: Jan Hus statue in the Old Town Square

This tour starts directly in the heart of Prague's Old Town = in the Old Town Square.
First we pass narrow streets full of historical buildings, idiosyncratic little shops, restaurants and caffees in order to reach an architecturally very interesting house where we visit traditional Czech restaurant, famous by the perfectly treated Pilsner and lots of finger-food that wake our taste buds up.
Then we move to the river embankment to visit the restaurant with the most beautiful view to a Prague panorama and to enjoy the high-quality cuisine which reflects the level of recent Prague gastronomy.
After the delicious pause we move to Charles' Bridge and to a place where we can, one-by-one, taste local specialities and originally designed drinks.
Your companion can always advice well where to move next to close the nice afternoon/evening in a graceful style.

Join us and get the city atmosphere under your skin.
Gourmet Guide service is recomended by Michelin starred Chef Ginafranco, Chiarini, Celebrity
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