The money you spent for guided gourmet tour provided by us compares to a guided seightseeing tour or to an extra night in the good Prague hotel.

€ 120 / per for a couple
€ 100 / per person in case of single occupancy of an event
€ 35 / per group of 4 members
Price is fixed and includes provided service only, not the food/beverage consumption.

Option "ALL-INCLUSIVE" for a group of 4-6 people
Price € 80 p.p. includes the complex service, reading the guided tour, starter and Pilsner in the first restaurant, main dish with the glass of an excellent wine in the second enterprise and coffee with sweet desert or a cocktail during the last break. In each restaurant you will be able to make relevant dish selection on your own or you can follow the recommendation of Gourmet Guide representative.

Offering for companies.

Join us and get the city atmosphere under your skin.
Gourmet Guide service is recomended by Michelin starred Chef Ginafranco, Chiarini, Celebrity
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